di Alfredo Bregni S.a.s.

AEROGRAFO S.a.s. provides consulting services since its foundation in 1994.
It deals with:

  • Intellectual properties [information and logistics architectures];
  • Learning-based change [creative-motivational workshop / workgroups];
  • General / systemic innovation ["unconventional" problem solving].

Deeply innovation-oriented, AEROGRAFO S.a.s. works with a lean, end-to-end perspective which assigns key roles to intercultural / interfunctional learning and flexible / responsive IT support, which both it can foster and/or deliver.

NBI - New Breed of ICT is an intellectual property in information architecture stemming from an early consulting experience [banking BPR], which realized very large savings:
  • 40% of personnel costs;
  • 80% of time for new product introduction;
  • 50% of network load.

YBN / NBI aim at the completion, robust "industrial" implementation and widespread commercial delivery of the enabler of that successful experience.