The YBN - Your Business Networked - business service is a trademark of the YBN team:
Alfredo Bregni, Antonio Romani.

The YBN - Your Business Networked - business service, the "Org=ICT"networking representation and the NBI - New Breed of ICT - distributed architecture are intellectual properties of:
AEROGRAFO di Alfredo Bregni S.a.s.
v. San Cipriano 28, 00136 Rome, Italy
Fisc.code & VAT no. 04757901006.

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YBN: a user-oriented, fully transparent, immediately understandable, compiler-free language - with a high descriptive power of company and value-chain processes (provided by an innovative, to-the-point process representation) - useful to instantly implement distributed business applications, with no code generation and no superfluous layers between users and hardware