- Your Business Networked, directly


The YBN business service is based on a business-oriented networking model, focused on:
  • The information contributed by the various people, organizational units and parties involved;
  • The information exchanged among them, for activity coordination.
This model has general validity, and the capability of describing both an organization and its ICT support according to one and the same "Org=ICT" representation.

The associated networking specification language [one-to-one with the indicated representation] is easily understood by anybody involved in the design: regardless of his / her competence or role, everyone can be quickly brought to contribute.
The specifications expressed in such terms – i.e. information contributions and exchanges – can readily be made "native" on any IT structure capable of:
  • Presentation / input and processing, to ask for and acquire the expected contributions;
  • Transfer and storage, to perform the needed information exchanges.

The chosen networking model enables dramatic simplifications in two important areas:
  • In business, inter-functional and inter-organizational coordination is significantly eased: the business-oriented, yet simple, networking specification language can be immediately shared by all the parties involved [various departments and/or different organizations] and used together to contribute to a common, transparent solution;
  • In IT, massive delayering is achievable in the operating support software, with ensuing improvements in performance and reliability [the migration plan to simplify the application portfolio just needs to balance the strategic improvement opportunities with the company business tactics and the legacy system constraints].

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