- New Breed of ICT

System design

YBN is technically delivered by a New Breed of ICT, provided in four alternative modes:
  • Stand-alone for individual companies / organizations;
  • Partially virtualized on the shared distributed platform;
  • Fully virtualized;
  • Full-fledged, with HW and SW installed for both companies / organizations and the shared distributed platform.
The shared distributed platform reduces the organizations' information systems workload and provides redundant storage of data in encrypted form, with automatic recovery.

The client's target information system is divided into three major components:
  • The Operating support, which generates new data and inserts / updates them into the Data base;
  • The Data base which orderly stores data of general validity for the whole organization [it's divided into Registers, Accounts and Operations, a new component to store the operating specifications, status and history];
  • The Information tools, which extract data from the Data base and translate them into user-targeted information and user-specific presentations.

The New Breed of ICT translates the business networking specifications in a massive management of message queues, targeted to three basic functions:
  • Action forwarding from each process step to the next one;
  • Access to repositories of public keys, for security reasons;
  • Synchronization of storage redundancy among servers operating in parallel.
The new software exhibits very few layers only, both on terminals and servers:
  • Two layers on terminals: application layer, with presentation / input, action forwarding and encryption; operating system;
  • Three layers on severs: application layer, with action forwarding and encryption; intermediate layer for storage synchronization; operating system.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci