- Your Business Networked, directly


The YBN business service is both an effective enabler of radical redesigns and a flexible and transparent tool for continuous improvements, provided directly to the final users:
  • A simple business networking language to specify value-chain processes is made available, to be shared by people from different departments / organizations;
  • The specifications are directly interpreted by the "machine" [i.e. the organization's server(s) plus a shared distributed platform, closely linked to the telecommunication (TLC) layer], thereby limiting the IT intervention to the intial system set-up / interface to the legacy system and, most of all, avoiding the burden of a software development effort [costs, risks, delays, incompleteness, eventual rigidities].

Besides "action forwarding" [i.e. pushing forward the company / value-chain processes], other key services are provided, as built-in features of NBI:
  • Access security;
  • Service continuity;
  • End-to-end process integrity;
  • Activity tracking / certification;
  • Reduction of organizations' information systems workload.

This website describes a full-fledged design of NBI, i.e. an architecture which includes HW for both the organizations and the shared distributed platform.
Self-consistent parts of the overall design can be implemented separately, e.g. the specification language as such, or the organizations' HW and SW systems with no shared distributed platform.
Accordingly, it will be possible to focus the implementation on specific benefits and/or split the implementation path into phases.

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