- New Breed of ICT


When not stand-alone and/or introduced from scratch, the new NBI software can be used to progressively replace a legacy system, according to a migration plan:
  • Operations are added to the Data base and an access interface is built to Registers and Accounts;
  • Some applications are kept, some fully discarded [to be substituted by the new operating specifications], some others integrated into the new Operating support [by keeping their data processing parts while discarding the data transfers];
  • At a given point in time, therefore, a snapshot of the system shows part of the legacy system working as before, and some new software working with Operations, interfaced with Registers and Accounts, and possibly using the data processing parts of some pre-existing applications;
  • A further migration step requires to choose a new part of the legacy system to be substituted, identify the applications to discard or integrate, define the new operating specifications, guarantee their compatibility with Registers and Accounts, and – last but not least – define the organizational deployment plan.

All things are difficult before they are easy - Thomas Fuller