- Your Business Networked, directly

A quantum leap forward in distributed business applications

design = deploy!
The YBN business service plans to offer immediate delivery of distributed business applications, right after their specifications have been defined.

This website illustrates the YBN values and architecture.

Besides providing a user-friendly interface, YBN also builds upon a New Breed of ICT [NBI] distributed architecture, with improved technical and delivery characteristics:
  • Streamlined, massively delayered;
  • Truly business oriented, i.e. provider of a really flexible, inexpensive, simple, transparent, robust and comprehensive operating support.

Highlights on NBI are given about:
  • The systems design [the detailed design is for restricted distribution];
  • The migration path from the existing IT applications;
  • The next steps to be undertaken for ICT development and implementation
    [here suppliers, supporters, sponsors and/or early partners are sought for].

Downloadable documents are also available, and contact addresses provided.

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